100 Transparent Nail Tips

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Transparent Nail Tips
Easy to use and reusable.
Surface does not stick to the gel or acrylic making it easy to remove.
Suitable for professional, nail salon, nail art school / college, nail art artist and personal / home use

How to use:
-Thoroughly clean your nails, then roughen the free edge of the nail by file with light force
- Apply the tip of right size to coordinate your nail. In order to have a good adhesion on your nail, you can file the underside of the matched tip curvature
- For the prevention of fungal growth a coat of nail glue being applied on the whole surface of the nail and let it dry enough before fitting the tips
- A little quantity of nail glue being put on the top edge of natural nail, and push nail tip back until indentation on the underside of the artificial nail fits against the free edge of natural nail. Then press down firmly and let the glue dry
- For reinforcement, move the glue to seam area and fill in air pocket with glue by applying the stretched nozzle in hard to reach areas
- For getting the desired shape and length, the nail tips should be trimmed
- In order to get extra strength, you can get choice of any overlay products
- Make the nail polished if necessary

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